Know Thyself


Heart Alchemy has one focus – to quantify and qualify your uniqueness as sacred without exception.

Founded in 2014 by Melanie Brockwell, Heart Alchemy is the only alternative to the problem-solution matrix. Through the interactive digital programmes, do-it-yourself downloadable processes, one-on-one Skype sessions, and transmedia publications, you get to feel zen, make a difference and be uniquely you without ever having to reform any aspect of self.

Delivered in a radical choose-your-own-adventure style, with non-dual explanations for the who, what and how of anything and everything, this suite of experimental spaces is at the cutting edge of the Oneness Experience.

Love Thyself


Reveal what it means to be uniquely and wholly you. The whole damn package! Not divided into good-bad parts, higher-self, ego and gendered parts. What is it about your wholeness that sings a sacred song? Rather than focusing on what you can become, Heart Alchemy is dedicated to revealing the Angel Script version of your story – angels see where you are already awake, on purpose and interconnected.

Once you can see your wholeness, you can accept and cherish your wholeness as sacred (rather than seeking to fix, change and heal aspects of a divided self).

Be Thyself

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Since you are neither a bounded nor a faulty self, the only place left to go is into that now-space where reality is yet to take shape! This has variously been called zero point awareness and enlightenment but you don’t need labels to simply be. What you need is an accurate sensor reading of where you are, what’s going on, and how to proceed.

This virtuoso consciousness is applicable to business, relationships, parenting, project management, and just about anywhere else you’d like to see yourself operating in Living Master style.


I believe that if we want this planet to come together
and function differently, we need three things:
(1) Another way to understand what’s going on.
(2) Another way to make sense of each other’s choices.
(3) Another way to understand thyself.

Heart Alchemy offers a unique way to simultaneously
surrender and to be on purpose in every moment
(rather than feeling the world is coming apart,
and then doing spiritual work to regain our centre).

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Skip to 3:00 to listen to what it means to consult a DevaAvatar.
Melanie Brockwell Dip. Counselling and BA Society, Life & Learning