If we do not experience from within a body, then where oh where do we feel-think-do from?

  Think of a whirlpool. There seems to be a definable shape that we can point to and know as a whirlpool, and yet there is nothing separate or fixed about its whirlpool-ness. All the water that constructs the thing we have labelled "whirlpool" is in flow, never the...

The Model of Insight

It occurred to me whilst reading Joseph Campbell’s Pathway to Bliss, that if we have no models of nameless now, then, well, we have no models. Whatever conclusions we draw from this are our own doctrine(s) making themselves visible. For some the need to...

The Brahman Experience

Let’s discuss the possibility that Brahman is nityaptasvarupa, no exceptions. Let’s talk about what it means to truly live from a place where Brahman is all that is - our ideas, experiences, loves, violence. I’ll start with some of the comments...

Consciousness of Choice

It is not uncommon to hear people speak of happiness as a choice, as a state of mind. But what happens when we make happiness a goal instead of an experience? And how can we know happiness through dedication, without attaching ourselves to the...


When you want to do something for someone that they will not do for themselves or when you tell someone something they have not asked to hear, especially when it ‘helps’ them, this is not caring.

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Depression: Don’t lose your spark of madness!

All aspects are valuable. When they come together knowing each has a place and a part to play, they become your greatest gift – you! When this too can be given it’s time and place, it’s love and acceptance, then you are not rushing to the next thing, to a better version of yourself where everything is easier because you can appease the demands of the world in a way that does not ask you to be visible. Whatever configuration of crazy you are under all of that separation is where you will feel loved.

You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.
Robin Williams

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